7 things you didn’t know about Pandit Nehru.

Jawaharlal_Nehru_signing_Indian_ConstitutionContinuing with the patriotic week, today’s post focuses on the most charismatic personality synonymous to the independence struggle and icon of post-colonial India, Pandit Nehru.
With his elegant fashion statement, rocking affairs and topi, here are a couple of things you probably didn’t know.




  • Yes, SWAG: India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Lal was featured in Vogue magazine. His unique dressing style, single-breasted jacket, became an important fashion trend in the west. Nehru jacket was listed on Time’s list of ‘global fashion statement.’ Later, Nehru jacket as popularized by the Beatles and worn by famous people such as Johnny Carson and Sammy Davis Jr.


The Nehru Jacket.
  • Apart from featuring in Vogue, flamboyant PM Nehru also gave an interview to Playboy. There has been a controversy about that interview recently but that’s Nehru for you.
Talk about media reach!
  • He penned his autobiography while in prison from June 1934 to February 1935. The title was ‘Toward Freedom’. It was published in the USA in 1936.


Things you can do during Jailtime 101.
  • Dailymail UK made a shocking or rather not-so-shocking revelation about affair between Lady Mountbatten and Jawaharlal Nehru as told by daughter of Mountbatten, Pamela Hicks in her autobiography.
Who says Indian men lack game!
  • He is said to be a chain smoker and VERY popular among ladies as revealed by some rare pics.


OMG! Mumbai Police will most likely arrest you for that!



Yeah, don’t replicate that habit though.
Like a BOSS!
  • Jawaharlal Nehru gifted an elephant named Indira to Japanese children in 1949, during a visit to Tokyo. This was an important milestone in future ties between the two countries.
Same lady that imposed emergency.


  • Hey Joe! -While studying at Harrow and Trinity College, Cambridge, his fellow classmates called him Joe Nehru.





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