7 offbeat places you should definitely visit in India

xandretta_,282,29.jpg.pagespeed.ic.QKKEgBgYUyMultiple scenic locations of a number of Bollywood movies, infinite Facebook posts and travelogues have made wanderlust a rather cool term, not that it wasn’t already. Even if you’re cozy-at-home-under-air-conditioner types, you are always planning for your next vacation.
So joining in the euphoria, let’s explore few places in India, you might never encounter on brochures and travel packages but are a must see.


  • Loktak lake, Manipur
    Located 48km from Imphal, this beautiful blue lake is famous for phumdis floating all over it.  Local villagers have built thatched huts on these floating ‘islands’ and make their way about the lake in dugout canoes. There are fish ponds in between as well. The best view is atop the tourist bungalow on Sendra Island from where you can get a bird’s eye view of life on the lake. We bet you haven’t seen any thing like this before.

    One of it’s kind. via-wordpress


  • Askot, Uttaranchal
    Popular for it’s musk deer sanctuary yet not very crowded. The place is ultimate getaway from a crowded city or a crowded tourist palce which won’t just be soothing but has scenic beauty as well.

    That view though. via-wikipedia


  • Khajjar, Himachal Pradesh
    Dubbed as mini Switzerland, this scenic place contains rare combination of forest, pasture and lake with so much topographic resemblance to Switzerland that Vice Counselor and Head of Chancery of Switzerland in India put a sign board mentioning it’s distance from Bern, Switzerland.

    In midst of Deodhar forest. via-wikipedia


  • Malana, Himachal Pradesh from Switzerland, we move to another popular holiday destination, Greece!
    Malana is located north-east of Kullu valley and is isolated from rest of the world. One of the finest charas, “Malana cream” is  grown here and people here believe they are descendants of Alexander the great and follow their own constitution.

    India never ceases to amaze you! via- trekhub
  • Phutgal Monestary
    Talk about offbeat places and you can never miss monasteries. I, for one is always amazed by the engineering marvel that’s almost always constructed in middle of nowhere with workforce which is just not available!
    If that wasn’t enough, Phutgal is in south-eastern Ladakh, one of the most isolated part of country.

    It has a library as well. via- Wikipedia


  • Frozen river trek, Zanskar, Ladakh It’s so surreal we had to repeat the place and mention it. Let’s face it, how many times have you actually trekked on a frozen river! If that’s not enough, it’s the only way out of the valley during winter when everything is covered in heap of snow.
    On their way to Shangri-La. Partha Chowdhury – Flickr


  • Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh located near Vishakapatnam, it covers astonishing scenery with forest all around. It’s famous for it’s coffee plantation and has a serene environment with pleasing weather, hillocks and valleys. There’s a Tribal Museum which portrays tribal handicrafts and lifestyle as well.

    RIch vistas. via- Raj, flickr.


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