Top 7 Indians (Origin) with Highest IQ

owl-47526_640 Intelligence is one of the highly valued human traits and being intelligent puts one at a more advantageous position surely. There has been a long debate over the factors that contribute towards making someone ‘intelligent’. However, it has been established that intelligence must surely be developed with time and nurtured under the right conditions with like minded people but there are also certain genetic factors that come into play.

It is this combination of intriguing factors that has led to the development of IQ (Intelligence Quotient) test. Not directly, but there does exist a positive correlation between high IQ scores and intelligence in action.
According to a source (photius), India ranks 25 with an average IQ score of 82. In this post, we bring forward, 7 Indians with highest IQ (that we know of :P)


  • K. Vishalini, said to have an IQ of 225, higher than current world record of 210 held by Kim Um-Jong, a Korean dude. While you struggle with your engineering mathematics and real number analysis, she has been delivering lectures to the undergraduate students at NIT! Her achievements also include cracking the Microsoft certified Professional & Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) courses with 90%, a world record.

If you’re wondering why is she not on Guinness Book of World Records; then that’s because she is yet to turn 14, below which Guinness doesn’t accept the claim.

CCNA and Microsoft certified professional as well! Go figure.
  • Neha Ramu, Indian origin British girl is another one having IQ of 162 which may seem less than that of K. Vishalini but is more than the legendary guy who gave the theory of relativity and modern day physics rockstar Stephen Hawkings. And yes, she’s 12! Though quite modest of her high IQ score, she is not shy of expressing her ambitions. In an interview with BBC, Neha told, ”If  I don’t put in my effort and make use of my IQ there is no point in having it”.
Neha Ramu
Beats me how they measure Einstein’s IQ back then!
  • Aahil Jouher, another Indian origin british chap got an extraordinary IQ score of  162 on the Mensa test, a score which only 1% of the population has achieved. He wants to be a scientist when he grows up and is making a computer in spare time and inventing things just like all other normal 10 year old. *gulps*
10-Year-Old Boy in UK Gets Highest Mensa Score of 162
Boy! The list is getting younger and younger.
  • Akrit Jaswal, hailing from Himachal Pradesh, India has an IQ of 146. Hold your horses if you don’t think he’s smart enough. Listen to this, he performed his first medical procedure at his family home when he was seven. His patient — a local girl who could not afford a doctor — was eight, Dayum. He completed MBBS at age of 16 and is now practicing it.


Met Oprah as well! How cool can it get.
  • Tanishq Abraham, 11 year-old. Indian origin  graduated from US college with 3 associate degrees.  And here you are, struggling with your under-graduate degree! He wants to be a Doctor, a Medical Researcher and also the President of the United States. Like talent, like ambition. Also, at the age of 4, when you were playing with plastic toy, he was inducted in Mensa.

  • Akshay Venkatesh an Indian-Australian origin Akshay, started his distinguished intellectual journey from early on. After finishing his high school at the age of 13, he was the youngest student to graduate with first class honors from the University of Western Australia. Even then, he didn’t stop and pursued his PhD from Princeton University. Standing at only 20 years old and with a doctorate under his belt, he went from holding a post-doctorate position at MIT to becoming a Clay Research Fellow and, most recently, a professor at Stanford University.



  • Balamurali Ambati is an Indian-American ophthalmologist, educator, and researcher. Phew! I think that is how to use all the high IQ efficiently. In 1995, he was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for the youngest doctor at the age of 17. Dr. Ambati’s contributions to business innovation and research are widely recognized. He also won a fellowship for Cornea & Refractive Surgery from the Duke University in 2002.


India is the land of many brilliant minds like Swami Vivekananda, Dr. C.V. Raman and many more. We are sure to have missed out hundreds of such people whose IQ is not documented.  But we hope our blog recognizes some of the brightest minds of our great nation.



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