7 Iconic Indian cricket wins

cricket-724616_640As a cricket obsessed nation, nothing is more relieving than seeing team India registering an unlikely win winning the heart of billion plus people in process. As a skeptical Indian fan, there’s always a feeling of anxiety and when opposition is strong on paper, your head knows the odd but your heart roots for India, even if we have to defend 6 runs in last over!


Here we look at some iconic Indian wins of all the formats.

1. India v Australia, 2001
Eden Gardens, Kolkata.It was almost unheard of. A team winning after following on, after all it had happened just two time in history. After Australia made 445 in first inning, India could manage only 171. A loss seemed very much likely. Just then Dravid and Laxman walked in the middle and made the iconic partnership that would remain in record books forever. Harbhajan Singh took care of Aussie’s second inning and result was iconic win which is still remembered till date.



2.India v West Indies, 1983
It was India’s victory by 43 runs. After West Indies won the toss and chose to field, India was able to pull a 183, not our best but still enough to win. When Amarnath entered the field, he made sure to take out both the batsmen and left West Indies at 124 on 8. After taking out Holding too, Amarnath became the unlikely hero of the match. West Indies were all out at 140.


3.India v Pak, 2007 T20 World Cup
This match was surely “iconic” with a win margin of mere 5 runs! India opened its batting with Gambhir scoring a solid 76 runs and the final run counter said 157. Since it was such a close call, this match had both the teams biting their nails in sweat till the very end until Pak was all out at 3 balls with 5 runs still to score!

India, T20 World Cup, 2007_0_0_0_0
cia-deccan chronical



4. India v Sri Lanka, 2011 World Cup
In first innings Sri Lanka scored a hefty 274 with a century’s contribution from Jayawardene. They played till the end with 6 wickets. To India’s 277, Dhoni and Gambhir are credited with each scoring above ninety each and winning the match at 8 balls short of 50 overs.

5.India v England 2002 natwest series
England opened with Trescothick rising the score above a century and  N Hussain meeting him there with another. The total added to 325 with 5 wickets. India’s batting was more spread out with a lot of two digit runs from different players. India managed to hit the target with three balls still to go and 8 wickets.


6. India vs Sri Lanka, 2012
Commonwealth Bank Series, 11th Match: India v Sri Lanka at Hobart
It took Sri Lanka 50 overs to make a 320. India did it in 36.4! The match ended with Kohli at 133 and Raina at 40 and 3 wickets. It was a time saving win of India with 7 wickets! 😛




7. India v Australia, 2003 Adelaide
Australia began the first innings with a steady pace until Ponting showed up and hit a straight 242 till Dravid caught him out and the game resumed with its steady pace as before. However Ponting’s score did make a total of 556 in 127 overs. As Ponting was for Australia, Dravid was for India with a score of 233. Along with Dravid, Laxman helped finish the innings with 523. In second innings, Australia made 196 with India at 233.





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