7 Google Products you didn’t know about

yeeMarketers at Google must be having a gala time. From self driving car to balloon internet things. Google products have always been the talk of the town, I remember asking random strangers for Google+ invites on twitter even though I knew I’d never use it regularly. Such is the aura.
Today, we look at 7 google products and tools; some successful, some not so, you probably didn’t knew about.



  • Dart
    Dart is a programming language developed by Google released in 2011 in hope of replacing Javascript. Even though still in development phase, the language is easy to understand and for collaborated use. Ideal for beginner developers.dart
  • Digital Attack Map
    Developed in collaboration with Google Ideas and Arbour Networks, it’s a visualization of DDoS attacks around the globe. The tool surfaces anonymous attack traffic data to let users explore historic trends and find reports of outages happening on a given day. Nice time kill.ddos
  • Schemer
    So you visit a new place, complete your work and then you’d probably want to spend a day or two to relax. But at a complete strange place, it’d be hard to find good recommendation. Schemer makes it a lot easier. It connect via your Google+ account, based on your preferences, Schemer will offer some things to do around your area. You can also collaborate with the friends in your Google+ Circles and see who wants to do the same things as you.schemer

  • Full value of Mobile
    How much will your mobile site will be worth. This google tool helps solve that dilemma. It also provides great insights and will help you analyze how customers interact with the various aspects of your business, from mobile sites to calls to cross-device ability.

  • Google Think Insights
    As a prominent thought leader, Google’s Think Insights is the place for consumer trends, marketing insights and industry research.  Statistics, a research library including videos and infographics, planning tools, and a section for emerging digital trends, you name it. It’s all here.think
  • Google Cultural Institute
    Initiative by Google to put world renowned art exhibition online, it currently has over 42 new exhibits.  the Cultural Institute included over 6 million items – photos, videos, and documents. There is also World Wonders Project, which presents three-dimensional recreations of world heritage sites; and archival exhibitions, many in partnership with museums around the world.google-cultural-institute-07
  • Google Ngram
    This tool lets you search keywords in millions of books over the span of half a millennium, perfect tool for finding trends over time. You can also search for particular keywords as specific parts of speech or combining keywords.google_ngram_math_7


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