7 Famous Illuminati Sacrifices

630px-Barnstar_-_Illuminati.svgConspiracy theories have always intrigued people no matter what logic they look for. Some are so surprising or convincing that given the circumstances, seem correct. Here we observe such conspiracy theories about an organization which is arguably more famous than ever among teens and young adults, all thanks to Dan Brown.

Here we look at all the sacrifices made by organization which is rumored to control all world events, well allegedly!




P.S. – Most sacrifices are in entertainment industry.

P.P.S- Yes, we’re also curious how entertainment industry holds the key to major world events.

  • John Lennon
    Co-founder of commercially most successful band, The Beatles, he has made some powerful enemies in music industry as well as  in the government because of his peace and political activism. So much so, that Nixon administration tried to deport him. It’s said that his murderer, Mark Chapman was under Illuminati mind control when he murdered him.

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  • Martin Luther King, Jr
    As influential as he was, it is said he started appearing in Illuminati’s radar after he started speaking against Vietnam war and how it’s helping few corporations financially. Plus his whole equal rights things might have played role as well. He was assassinated in April 4, 1968.

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  • Michael Jackson
    Talk about entertainment industry and you think we missed out king of pop. He died days before his comeback, although it was reported as a drug overdose, don’t you think it was a little fishy when his own sister would say that he used to mutter “They were trying to kill him” before the final concert. It’s also believed that he was a member of Illuminati until he went kind of rogue and started speaking against them.

    Now we know how “dangerous” was inspired. via- BBC


  • John F Kennedy
    Money, name, power. Kennedy had it all. Maybe that’s why it’s believed he was already part of Illuminati but when he decided to opt out, Illuminati be like “this is no spotify, either you in or completely out”. He was assassinated in Dallas in 1963.

    Looks like he opted out. via- onetusk


  • Bob Marley.
    The influential musician, promoted love, happiness, and togetherness with his music. Illuminati doesn’t like this. So they used their favorite technique of injecting people who promote these stuff with rare form of cancer, which they did with him and poor fellow died at age of 36!

    I don’t know but maybe Illuminati got him addicted to drugs as well. Their fav way of controlling world events. via- bobmarley.com


  • Princess Diana
    Charles is still not a king. Maybe that’s all Illuminati wanted but let’s face it, her dying in a car crash was very mysterious. That too after she had already separated from Charles. Such an embarrassment for the royal family.

    Was Candle in wind also planned by illuminati? via galoremag


  • Bruce Lee
    He was born in Chinatown, California, USA. And all this time we used to think he was born in China and emigrated but anyway! His case is strong. He died of “allergic reaction”. Now that’s fine, it happens. But not to hollywood stars! Though the most perplexing thing is, he had the allergic reaction from his  prescription pills. 


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