5 ways to keep your New Year resolution

hand-1105331_960_720You are not alone who failed to fulfill last year’s resolution. This New Year offers you another opportunity to fulfill your goals. Here are 5 tips which can surely help you to keep your new year’s resolution.




  • Make a plan– Make a plan and stick to it. Rather than one long term goal, create a series of smaller goals to reach out the finale goal. Making a proper plan always helps to execute it more effectively.
  • Be realistic– Be more realistic while setting up a goal. Goals like never eat your favorite food again are setting you up to fail. Instead, strive for a goal, such as avoiding it more often than you do now can be much realistic and attainable.
  • Be specific– To be effective, resolutions and goals should be pretty specific. Losing weight can be one goal but how you will lose weight is one question. So instead of losing weight, hitting the gym can be more specific resolution.
  • Write down the goal and visualize it regularly– Writing down your goal and visualizing it regularly can be an effective tool for fulfilling your goal as they fix it firmly in the subconscious.
  • Keep trying– If you fail to keep your resolution by mid of the year don’t give up. Recommit yourself for next 24 hours and try again to be back on track. Keep on trying will help you to finally accomplish your goal.


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