5 Ways to be More Energy Efficient

12310091_718868394879506_3570971735502213882_oElectricity Bills are one of the highest expenses for a household. You might not even be home for most part of the day, but appliances that have to be on through the day leech much of the power, leading to high bills. Here are some ways you can reduce the bill and be a little more green:

Unplugged when not in use: Unplug your electrical appliances after using them. Because if you switch it off also, it will continue to use energy if they are plugged in. For instance, your Tata Sky Box consumes 17 watts in standby mode also. It might take you an extra minute to plug it on every time you want to watch TV but worth the savings for sure!

Switch to LEDs: LED lights are both energy efficient and long-lasting. Put a pretty lamp shade around it and you’ve a sweet, warm glow without sacrificing your green thoughts. And of course, your wallet thanks you as well.

Upgrade Your Appliances: New appliances and electronics are generally energy efficient. Old washing machines, iron boxes, refridgerators etc can consume more energy just due to age. Upgrading a product in 3-5 years is generally recommended.

Leaking Taps: The incessant, dripping sound of water can be quite annoying! It can also increase your water bill by almost 30-40 percent! A dripping hot water tap can waste enough hot water, which means wasting money on electricity. So fix leaking taps and make sure they are entirely turned off.

Open Windows: Opening windows works better than using an air cooler all the time. Nothing can replace fresh air. It makes your house feel fresher, and reduces the need for fans or air coolers.



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