5 things to know before renovating your house

shutterstock_253496734 Spring puts you in the mood for some cleaning and improvements. Many people also belive that this is the best time to renovate the house.
Before you step into that minefield, here are some things you should consider. Home renovating projects can be extremely disruptive to daily life. It invades your privacy, makes your home a hub of noise and chaos. At the end of it, you might not be in a mood to appreciate all the work. But a little smart planning ahead of time can make things run more smoothly.

  1. Organize your belongings: The hardest part about renovation is the lack of space during the process. You tend to shove everything in one room into another room, and finding things can be really painful! The ideal way to get some boxes, pack your stuff and label it before storing. If you are the really organized type, you can even make a chart on your computer listing what you put in each box, but most of us just settle for packing things in boxes and labelling them.shutterstock_285216311
  2. Protect your privacy: Work out a schedule for the workers, and for yourself. You will be living with dust and noise for a while, and your home will be overrun by strangers. If you are renovating your living room or bedroom, figure out a time when you can take a bath or have a meal without having people around. Figuring this timing will help prep you mentally for having people around, and help you maintain the zen mode.
  3. Keep kids out of work area: Kids love all the activity. It is a deviation from routine, and sharp, forbidden tools make it seem more fun for them. Ensure you have activities planned outside the home for the kids. It is simpler than trying to keep an eye on them, juggling your work and answering the renovation queries. A play date or a short-term course is ideal. shutterstock_231222958
  4. Set the scope: You may need an interior designer, an architect or a contractor — but you won’t know until you decide how in-depth your remodel will be. So always set a scope for your renovation model. Make a list of all the things you want changed, and how. Set a budget that has a little bit of flexibility. When you are making a schedule, always remember to keep an additional week for any overflow of work. Since you are spending on renovations already, ensure you know what you want and buy all the things you need before the renovation is complete.
  5. Stick to the plan: Once you get started, it can get tempting to ‘add a little more’. A small change can add several days of work and double your budget. Put away those ‘inspiring’ interior magazines. Stop browsing the design sites. These things should be done before you start the renovation. Once you have drawn up a plan, stick to it!


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