14 Easy-To-Do Creative Things Sure To Make Your Home Look Better


Your home is like your private fortress of peace and belonging.The way you live and decorate your house reflects a lot on the kind of person you are. In fact, it’s a display of how you live your life. So, why be lazy in making it look better? If you’re fun-loving and full of life, why should your home be dull, boring and disorganised? Honestly speaking, nobody wants to be taken for a boring lad, and definitely not by his/her house-guests.

So here’s a suggestion. How about you get a little creative with your household and try these simple yet interesting things? They’re sure to make your home just as awesome as you.

1. Have candles and spare jars lying around? Use them to make jar candles for the aesthetics.

Image source: http://darlingstreet.com.au/2013/02/01/mason-jars-a-glass-for-every-occassion/

2. Instead of using mediocre boring sets of bulbs and tube-lights, go for some mood lighting with fairy lights you only take out on Diwali.

Image source: http://www.thedirecthor.com/installing-christmas-light-in-bedroom-for-a-more-romantic-ambience.html
3. If your kitchen looks like a dumpster of steel plates, use a magazine rack to set it right. It’ll give an edge to your cooking zone.

Image source: http://www.organizzareambientes.com.br/
4. Use your old-blue jeans to make cushion covers, coasters, fruit baskets and pen holders.

Image source: http://www.coolhomedecor.site74.com/jean-pillow-designs/

5. Shower curtain hooks can be used to hang backpacks and handbags where ever you want, as per your everyday convenience. Trust me, the walls will look much better.

Image source: http://www.mrdiy2u.com/?p=3142

6. You can make a fancy swing for your house simply by using an old quilt or a bed-sheet. For instance, this is one of the fun ways in which you could ‘hangout’ at your place:

Image source: http://www.breastfeedbabywearclothdiaper.com/silent-saturday-turn-your-woven-wrap-into-a-hammock

7. If you have a lot of booze bottles lying around, try attaching a bulb to each of these and hang them around the house. You could also use them as vases.

Image source: http://bellavistaflowermerchants.blogspot.in/2011/06/these-gorgeous-vintage-inspired-mini.html


Another interesting way to use them would be like this:

Image source: http://www.diyncrafts.com/1805/home/top-58-most-creative-home-organizing-ideas-and-diy-projects/4

8. Have old Cosco tennis/cricket balls lying around? How about you turn them into adorable little hangers? These are especially useful for hanging car keys and stacking bills.

Image Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/486036984756234739/


9. Make stationary holders by gluing old cassettes together.

Image source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/464152305318926912/

10.Transform those colourful shoe boxes into cord-organisers for all the tangled cables and wires lying around.

Image source: https://www.pgeveryday.com/home-garden/crafts/article/diy-charging-station-ideas
11. Those brown paper packets you get with groceries and medicines? You could cut them and creatively twist them into show-pieces like this:

Image source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/89227636337237023/


12. Ladies, use your clothes hangers or old badminton/tennis rackets for hanging jewelry. This way your dressing would look impeccable and you’d feel a lot of more organised. Men, you could use them for your valuables such as watches, sunglasses, etc. as well.

Image source: http://www.artfire.com/nosh/upcycle-household-items-into-modern-jewelry-displays/


13. Clean your old heels and shoes to transform them into funky mobile phone holders.

Image source: http://www.aliexpress.com/popular/shoe-mobile-phone-holders.html

14. If you have spare mason jars, use them for gardening. You could also attach them to your bathroom, strategically of course, as easy-to-access grooming products’ containers.

Image source: http://club.chicacircle.com/bathroom-organization-mason-jars/
Interesting, right? You can do a lot more with your home if it’s in good condition. Gapoon provides you with all the necessary fixings to make your home look as good as new.


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