11 weirdest Superstitions Around the Globe!

glass_broken_breakEvery culture has got its own set of superstitions. Shattered glass makes you lucky in some and unlucky in some. Poor black cats are cursed widely. So is Friday the 13th.
These superstitions have evolved from fear or coincidental experiences, most of them are baseless and some are funny too!



Following are a few weirdest superstitions from different parts of the world, some are still followed!

1. Chewing gum in Turkey? Be sure to spit it out before sundown!
Keep an eye on the clock if you are planning to chew gum in Turkey. At night, the gum magically turns to dead flesh! If suppose, one courageously risks to chew it till morning, would it turn back into gum?






2. Walking your dog? Make sure he poops on the way! Spread the good omen!
Stepped in doggy poop? Was it with your left leg? Then congratulations! In France, a dog-poop stained left leg is a good omen! But if it was the right one, not so much. You might want to wash it off though.




3. ‘Fan death’ or sweat death?
In South Korea, if you’re sleeping in a room with fan switched on, it’s an open invitation to death. This popular belief has put auto-shutoff timers on fans in Korea.



4. This ‘fourth’ point will not be appreciated in China!
Like the popular belief about the infamous number 13; China has its own unlucky number, 4. Reason being, it’s a homophone of the Chinese word for “death”. This has led to not only seclusion of poor ‘4’, but all the numbers having ‘4’ in them. It is followed to such an extent that sometimes these numbers are skipped while numbering floors of a building!






5.Which windows? Witch windows!
Vermont has got some houses with diagonal windows. They are supposed to make it tough for the witches to fly through with their brooms. Dumb witches, really. Can’t they tilt a little? Or use the door maybe?




6. Carlos Menem is the real life “You-Know-Who”!
Carlos Menem, former president of Argentina is blamed for the financial crisis of the country in 2001. He loaned huge amount of money from the IMF and was also charged with corruption, bribery, and illegal transactions of weapons. Add “pardoning of imprisoned military leaders responsible for deaths of thousands” too in this list.
His deeds have earned him such horrific reputation that people of Argentina are scared to even say his name out loud! If someone commits this grave mistake, all those in the hearing range have to perform some awkward equivalents to “touch wood”!




7. If this be true, knitting would be banned in “Game of Thrones” altogether!
Knitting on your doorstep? You’re calling for a longer winter! You’re strongly advised against this in Iceland and in the Seven Kingdoms!




8. Be careful about those chopsticks!
In Japan, to avoid disapproving looks, be sure to not to stick those chopsticks straight into your food. Upright chopsticks resemble a ritual at a funeral ceremony and thereby isn’t considered to be the most holy thing to do at the table.




9. Superstitions affect real estate rates!
In southern India, apartments facing South are sold at lower rates than the rest! It is said to bring misfortune to the residents in aspects of finance and health. So now you got an excuse, blame it on the house!



10. Don’t say ‘Oops’ if the bird ‘Poops’
In Russia, if a bird poos on you or your property, it’s good luck, and may bring you riches. The more birds involved, the richer you’ll be!




11. No place for Broom in the Men’s room
In Nigeria, if a man is hit with a broom, he will become impotent and/or his genitals will disappear. If he wants it back, he will have to hit the offender back 7 times. Wonder what will happen if he hits back 14 times? Might get an extra pair or two! 🙂




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