10 things that will scare the crap out of you!

eyes-730745_640Fear is a vital emotion. Psychology claims that ‘fear’ is necessary in terms of protecting ourselves from potentially harmful situations. Fear is needed to run the country. If people won’t be scared of imprisonments, they wouldn’t follow the laws. Extend this fear beyond the point of rationality and it becomes a phobia.


Following is the list of things and events that are feared the most. Which one is the reason behind your nightmares?

1. Public speaking
More people are scared of public speaking than even death. It is the fear of public humiliation, mainly.


2. Death
Fear of death is mandatory for one’s survival. It is the fear that makes the prey run for its life after spotting its predator. Extend this a little more and it’s no more healthy, the technical term being: Necrophobia.


3. Spiders and Snakes
We all have our share of creatures that makes us jump. Spiders and snakes are the most common.
Ron Weasely was Arachnophobic while Indiana Jones was ophidiophobic!


4. Dogs
Living in India, where there is no dearth of street dogs, and catering Cynophobia is not at all advised!


5. Flying
Flying is mostly the fear of falling. It’s highly inconvenient, though! How long are you going to pick road over air? And do you plan on never leaving your continent landmass?


6. Height
Fear of height, also called as Acrophobia, puts you in a relatively better condition. Just don’t look out the window or down the railing and you’d barely notice the floors beneath you!


7. Social Situations
Fearing interactions with others till an extent that you start ignoring it defines social phobia. Feeling conscious of our own self is normal but when those butterflies in stomach turn into scorpions you know your fear has turned to phobia.

Shy Student Hiding Behind Note Cards During Class Presentation --- Image by © Randy Faris/Corbis
Shy Student Hiding Behind Note Cards During Class Presentation — Image by © Randy Faris/Corbis

As kids, we all were scared of it. But if you don’t let go of it even after growing up it’s called Nyctophobia.


9. Confined Places
No elevators! Well using stairs every time, surely works well with your diet plan but it is not very time saving, though. Claustrophobia can make you very uncomfortable and can cause anxiety attacks to hit.


10. Thunderstorms
Along with humans, even indoor pets face this, Dogs mainly. Remember the cartoon depictions of dogs running to hide under the bed and shutting their eyes with their ears? Those were astraphobic ones!




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