10 easy tips to throw a memorable house party

weekend-447491_640Thank God it’s Friday. After a long week of office drama, are you planning to invite your friends over for a house party? We know you can manage a good theme night with costumes, great food and what not. Well this time, instead of doing regular and just ordering food & drinks; why don’t you use these easy actionable ideas to turn your house party into highlight of the week. It will be the only thing that your friends will talk about in the coming week.


1. Make your house a ‘mobile-free’ zone
Request your guests to submit their mobile phones for the entire duration of the party and enjoy uninterrupted fun.



2. Reinforce the personal touch with music

Ask your guests for their 3 favorite songs beforehand and create a custom playlist for the party of all their favorite songs combined. You can also gift this custom playlist along with a group picture in the end as a souvenir.


3. Add a punch with your punch bowl

Tired of having the same wine every time? Add a tasteful kick by creating your unique punch bowl for the party. Gather your wine, a pitcher & handful of fruits- pomegranate, lime wedges, oranges and steep the mixture in the fridge, overnight for the perfect party punch.


4. For the love of balloons

We have found a way to use balloons for a more creative setting. Fill the balloons with water and freeze them. You just created a fun substitute of ice to keep your drinks cold. And if the party get wild, you can use them later for a water- balloon fight. Just saying!


5. Better than your phone selfie

If you don’t want to spend the next day collecting party photos from all your friends; use a wandering camera. It will not only give everyone the freedom to click their individual or group pictures but also help collect all the party moments together at one place.


6. Get inked for the night

Place temporary tattoos in a bowl and have fun by experimenting with different ones. This will be a good addition to your wandering camera pics and might as well turn out to be a highlight of the night.


7. How lucky are you?

Take game night up a notch by setting up an in-house casino. You can allocate tables for poker, blackjack, teen patti and also rent a roulette table for night to raise the stakes even higher.


8. Go crazy with Karaoke

Create a stage (a cleared out area in the corner of your den), throw some flash light and roar along to the tunes of your favorite songs. You can rent a karaoke machine and if not! just use ‘Youtube’.


9. Create a memory with Jenga Table

Before you wrap up the party and go all tipsy; have a one last game of Jenga and try balancing the tipsy tower. To conclude the night, have your guests sign the Jenga pieces and make a memory of it.


10. Safe ride home

A great hosts takes care of all his guests especially the boozed ones. Arrange them a safe cab ride back home beforehand for a smooth ending.


When all your guest are home safely, you too get a good night sleep. And if you are worried about the mess your home is in, call for professional after party house cleaning services. While they clean the mess, you can cherish the memories and acknowledge the compliments of your awesomely hosted party.



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